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Palletizing Case Study (Electrical Enclosures)

Palletizing increases safety, accuracy and product throughput…

A leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures sought Tech-Con’s palletizing expertise to increase its product throughput and improve workplace safety. Tech-Con Automation partnered with Motoman to produce a fast, accurate and reliable solution.

Customer Needs

    • Quick and accurate stacking: With manual stacking, there was a high risk of electrical enclosures being out of place. Tall stacks were at risk of instability and possible collapse.
    • One system had to process many different-sized electrical enclosures, which was time consuming and caused system delays.
    • The current buffer lacked productivity and by allowing enclosures to come in contact with each another, there was a risk of damaging products.
    • Label application: This time-consuming process was performed manually.


Our Solution

    • Tech-Con installed incoming conveyors with quick changeover features to accommodate different electrical enclosure widths. A 20-foot long by 22-inch wide smooth top belt conveyor was installed that featured adjustable side guides for quick product size changes. Multiple conveyors combined with the new buff er and labeling systems provided a fully automated process.
    • Outgoing conveyor: A multiple conveyor system made it possible for the pallet to transfer from the pallet destacker to a wrapping system, and then to an off-load position through a sequence of conveyors. This provided accumulation prior to off -loading.
    • Separate robots for labels and transfer: The use of separate robots resulted in a faster and more reliable process.



    • Eliminate Manual Labour: Using robots freed up several operators and eliminated repetitive strain issues and other injuries associated with heavy lifting and noise.
    • Productivity: The palletizing system decreased overall production time due to easier pallet loading and allowed for independent operation for extended periods of time. What’s more, no maintenance was required. As a result, the customer could process more orders and expand its customer base.
    • Increased accuracy: Using robots increased accuracy and ensured sturdiness. A robotic palletizer could handle heavy loads and large reaches, which allowed enclosures to be palletized from the necessary distance.
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