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Robotic Palletizing solutions case study by Tech-Con Automation
Palletizing Solutions
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Robotics Case Study (In-Pallet Stretch Wrap)

Palletizing with in-pallet stretch wrap maximizes product volume…

A packager for coffee and tea required a method to palletize lightweight packages that tend to become unstable when stacked. Tech-Con Automation developed a solution that combined the ABB IRB 4400L six-axis robot with in-pallet stretch wrapping to maximize pallet volume.

Customer Needs

    • Ability to stack cartons securely several rows high without them falling over: Because the cartons of tea and coffee were very light weight, it was easy to knock the cartons out of place. As the stacks got taller, the accumulation of out-of-place cartons made the stack unstable and at risk of collapsing.
    • Stretch-wrap the pallet containing unstable carton stacks without causing them to fall over: The inertial motion of rotating the wrapper pedestal, along with the unequal side, and compressive loading of the plastic wrap can cause an already unstable stack of cartons to collapse.
    • Automatically feed pallet and cartons to pallet loading locations: Only forklift operators were available to supply and take away pallets.


Our Solution

    • Integrate wrapping into the palletizing cycle: After careful analysis, the Tech-Con team decided to integrate the wrapping and palletizing stations and operations. As the robot finished a row, the pallet was wrapped. With this method, each stack was reinforced as the pallet was processed.
    • Automatic pallet de-stacker with pallet feed conveyor: By using a pallet de-stacker, the client could use a forklift operator to place a stack of pallets into the de-stacker magazine and then go off to do other duties.



    • Productivity: Automating the process increased output dramatically.
    • Twenty-four month payback period: Automating the process increased product throughput, reduced packaging costs, increased the bottom line, and resulted in enhanced price competitiveness.
    • Ergonomics: By automating the cell, repetitive strain injuries were eliminated.

Robotics Case Study PDF

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