Robotic Palletizing - providing a natural extension into modular, scalable, self-contained palletizing cells.
Your company needs a solution that is both highly efficient as well as affordable and our expertise in robotic palletizing handling provides a natural extension into modular, scalable, self-contained palletizing cells.
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Robotic Palletizing


Palletizing Solutions


Your company needs a solution that is both highly efficient as well as affordable and our expertise in robotic palletizing handling provides a natural extension into modular, scalable, self-contained palletizing cells. Your palletizing project will see measurable results due to the following key benefits of our palletizing cells:


    • Reduces the need to custom-design every cell which reduces the delivery time
    • Reduces the cost by making it modular and scalable to fit most palletizing uses
    • Increased safety due to the reduction of heavy lifting and repetitive motion problems
    • Flexibility in terms of handling several different products, shapes, sizes and weights for one or more lines
    • Low maintenance requirements keeps your production downtime to a minimum


Tech-Con Automation offers a distinct advantage with our robotic palletizing system. It’s commonly known that one size may not fit all, which is also why there are additional elements that can be added to your self-contained palletizing system. Be sure to find out more information on palletizing by selecting a sub section on the left hand side of this site.


When your company is in need of a palletizing cell that is designed to be an inexpensive, versatile and a self-contained system, you’ve found the right partnership with us.


Our robotic palletizing cells are manufactured in our Burlington, Ontario facility are versatile in handling a variety of products from 1-litre to 4-litre containers, to food and juice containers, bags and bins. A 4, 5 or 6-axis robot supporting a standard or custom end-of-arm-tool, combined with the latest in palletizing software, can handle any production requirement. The units you can purchase are standardized design so that they can be rapidly deployed or quickly customized to suit any need your company has. Custom configurations can also be supplied to accommodate space limitations, production variables, and multiple products or build specifications.


With the latest technology in end-effector design, your new end-of-arm tooling can automatically load and unload slip-sheets and top frames. Your new palletizing cell can also be designed with automatic strapping and shrink-wrapping equipment, multiple lanes in-feed and discharge lane systems, for when your production line is highly specified.


All of our robotic palletizing systems are fully assemble and tested prior to installation at your facility. All Robotic Palletizers by Tech-Con Automation are built with the following standard package:


      1. Robot Module
        1. Versatile 4, 5- or 6-axis robot selected based on your box weight, pick rate and handling requirements
        2. Robot controller connected into main panel
        3. Robust and flexible End-of-Arm Tooling, designed specifically for your product criteria
        4. Platform structure holding the robot
        5. Fencing: Around the robot and conveyors with one operator access door meeting Robot Safety Standards ANSI/RIA R15.06-199
        6. PSHSR Compliant
      2. Conveyors
        1. Incoming single-lane powered roller conveyor, zero pressure accumulating using sensors and guide rails to precisely stage your product
        2. Outgoing pallet powered roller or chain conveyor
      3. Programming & Training
        1. Basic programming recipe for 1-in, 1-out configuration
        2. Basic Training Credit: Gets you started! Your operator will be able to run the system


  • The standard End-Of-Arm-Tooling is a pneumatic vacuum gripper suitable for cartons up to 32” x 16” (80 cm x 40 cm)
  • Eight 3 inch (75 mm) cups are grouped in two zones of four cups each
  • Each zone can be operated separately. Depending on the porosity of the surface, the tool can lift up to 100 lbs (45 kg) per zone
  • On untreated cardboard the tool can lift approximately 50 lbs (22 kg) per zone


The basic cell includes fencing and safeties around the robot and conveyors. One operator access door is equipped with safety switches that stop the robot when the door opens. The conveyor out-feed area is protected by a light curtain. The cell assembly meets Robot Safety Standards ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 and CSA Z434-03.


Additional Features to your Palletizing Cell


Your company may need to customize its palletizing solution and in majority of cases all this would take is to add a few specific and useful options. Whether you know what those options are or you need to re-analyze what you require, you’ll find our team works with you from start to finish providing the optimal palletizing cell for your situation.


To design your system, our engineers analyze your needs and produce a 3-D, real-time computer simulation of your cell. Cell layout, robot paths, pallet configurations and cycle times can all be worked out and tested before the hardware is even built, which saves you time and costs for development. Companies who’ve purchased a customized cell often state this pre-development service as being one of their deciding factors.


When the design satisfies all of your objectives, the actual unit is then assembled and demonstrated on our shop floor in Burlington, Ontario before it ships out. This is when your specialized unit will undergo rigorous quality assurance testing.


When delivered to your location our technicians will set up the robot system and test it under the actual operating conditions of your plant. Your operators are then trained to run the system before our highly skilled technicians even leave your plant. Advanced training is also available.  Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a maintenance friendly palletizing cell.


Pallet Destacking is an excellent way to reduce time spent by your material handlers or forklift operators feeding the palletizing cell. Pallet Destackers allow your forklift operator to buffer up to eight (8) pallets at one time which enables them to assist in other vital processes.


The Pallet Destacker is a proven, reliable design developed by our highly skilled engineers in our Burlington Ontario facilities. The unit can pick up and hold six to eight pallets then dispense the pallets one at a time as required.


When you are short on forklift turning space, you can eliminate the need to feed the Destacker manually because the pallet stacker can be equipped with an in-feed conveyor to make loading pallets easier and even straight from the empty pallet truck, if suitable.


In addition to basic programming and set up, you can also receive additional support for installation, commissioning and start-up of your new systems.


    • Advanced operator training
    • Training for additional operators
    • Training for maintenance personnel
    • Additional carton and pallet configurations