Waterjet - Years of experience in cell design, programming and integration.
To best meet your needs over the years we’ve naturally expanded our robotics experience into providing 6-axis dimensional waterjet cutting technology. There are numerous options to select from for cell configurations, such as cantilever, T-column (wall mount), overhead gantry or simple floor mount cells.
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You’ve probably already taken note that Waterjet cutting has become an almost unavoidable step in the manufacturing process of a large percentage of automotive components. From 2-dimensional flat stock to 3-dimensional molded components, metals to fabric and plastic composites, waterjet has proven to be an effective, efficient machine tool.


In order to make your transition into waterjet highly successful, you can depend on on our client references as well as our years of experience in 6-axis robotic waterjet cutting cell design, programming and integration.


Every cell is designed and configured to meet the specific production demands of each application, from single robot to multiple robot cells, complete with product fixturing and material handling. In addition, the after sales support service you will receive and spare parts supply, provide you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your waterjet needs.

Water Jet Cutting Systems

To best meet your needs over the years we’ve naturally expanded our robotics experience into providing 6-axis dimensional waterjet cutting technology. There are numerous options to select from for cell configurations, such as cantilever, T-column (wall mount), overhead gantry or simple floor mount cells.


Depending on your production demands, each of these cells can be supplied with single, dual, triple or quad robot configurations, with a complete UHP plumbing package, from pump to nozzle, sized to meet your productions cutting requirements.


If you are in need of support for your existing cutting equipment, be sure to ask about our waterjet components and sub-assemblies such as cutting nozzles, complete coil kits, block & bleed assemblies, and Flow UHP pump servicing and replacement parts.


Waterjet cutting technology involves the ultra-high pressurizing (30,000 to 87,000 psi) of tap water which is then passed through an orifice of .007 to .014” diameter. This stream, in close proximity to the cutting nozzle, can cut through virtually any material, without the use or creation of noxious gases, liquids or hazardous by-products. There are also no changes to the material properties on the cutting edges, as would be experienced in other processes such as laser or flame cutting. The addition of garnet to the water stream will provide you with the ability to cut hard materials such as metals, composites, stone & glass.


The added benefits to this process that you will notice are many; flexibility for redeployment, edge cut quality eliminating post processes, minimization of scrap with tight nesting of parts, minimal fixturing and operator safety.


Floor Mount Pedistal

Considered one of the simplest and most cost effective cell configurations, this cell can support single, dual or even triple robots for your production. The cell is designed for future integration of dedicated cutting fixtures coupled with a vacuum cyclone assembly.


With a strong passion for industry safety standards, this cell was built by our Burlington Ontario location to provide your operators with easy access and it’s even ergonomically correct for their continuing comfort in your facility.


  • FIXTURE: 80” X 126”
  • ROBOT: Motoman HP50-20
  • PUMP: Flow 7XES-60

Overhead Gantry

As you may already be aware, in a high production environment, process flow and cycle time are critical factors. The robotic gantry waterjet cutting cell has the features and versatility to meet those demanding requirements.


The 4-post gantry is accessible from 3 of 4 sides, and can be combined with an upper mezzanine option so you can minimize your valuable foot print thereby maximizing the return on your investment. This configuration can accommodate between 1 and 4 robots overhead.


When combined with a vacuum cyclone unit for part fixture clamping, manual load and unload is very quick and clean for your operators.


  • FIXTURE: 72” X 84”
  • ROBOT: Motoman HP20
  • PUMP: Flow 7XES-60

Waterjet Cleaning Cell

In the aircraft industry, component costs are very high and therefore require periodic maintenance and / or reconditioning to extend their lifespan and maximize your investment. The UHP waterjet cleaning cell has proven to be an instrumental tool for when you need to surface clean and prepare the turbine housing.



Enclosed in a sound dampening room (complete with mist extraction & water collection/filtration system) a six axis robotic manipulator works in harmony with a rotary turn table to strip surface coatings, all without damaging or distorting the turbine’s base material. This cell can handle a range of part diameters, thicknesses, depths and surface speeds. The cell includes large access doors and overhead jib assembly to assist your operators in part loading and unloading.



  • TURNTABLE: 120” diameter
  • ROTATION SPEED: 3 to 50 rpm
  • LOAD CAPACITY: 300kg
  • ROBOT: KUKA KR30 c/w KRC controller &  nylon protective cover
  • WATER COLLECTION: Ebco effluent removal system
  • PUMP: Flow 20X series

Tool Center Point Correction System (TCPCS)

Tech-Con Automation Incorporated’s most recent technological advancement is the new Tool Center Point Calibration System (TCPCS). This latest technology has been designed for Tech-Con’s robotic Waterjet Cutting Cells in collaboration with the integration of MOTOMAN robots.


The new TCPCS brings substantial benefits to the market place and Tech-Con’s customers. The Tool Center Point Calibration System was developed as a solution to a potentially serious issue that arises from time to time in Robotic Waterjet Cutting, where due to improper product fixturing or operator error, the water jet nozzle may contact the work piece and can become misaligned. The TCP Calibration system can be used with or without a shock sensor on the robot arm.


When the cutting nozzle is misaligned, due to damage or an improperly seated shock sensor and breakaway couplings, this system can save many man hours, scrapped materials and lost production. The TCP Calibration System is a fully automated system that can be selected and run by the machine operator at any time there is concern that the nozzle may have been moved or routinely as part of normal cell operation.


This technology will revolutionize product fixturing for Waterjet equipment customers by reducing waste and downtime. This is the first system available for use on MOTOMAN robots and the only one that can be used in conjunction with shock sensors.